Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zach Sobiech

Two videos this morning had me crying.

How sad would it be if I lost Lola?  In a tornado, wondering if she was alive somewhere, scared, trapped, hurt, or far worse, dead.  And how elated I'd be if I found her. Check the video out here.

However, nothing would compare to that pain if it were my brother or sister.  Lost to cancer.
After I cried about the thought of losing my precious child dog, I saw this video.

Life is really strange.  It teaches us lessons every single day, you just gotta be open and willing to learn.    We are all humans in this crazy world trying to make it work.   Why we don't team up, I'll never know. But if we did, just imagine how much this country, this world, could accomplish.   Spread joy, smiles, kindness, happiness.  Please.  I know I'd much rather see a smiling face from a stranger than mean mug.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

thats SEW blake???

Dontcha just love that my blog is called Thats Sew Blake, yet there's but a couple sewing related posts?  Thats sew not cool.

Sew, I'm now going to post some sewing/craft projects that I've been up to.

Lets begin with the most recent project I completed.  Ok, so its the only project I've completed in quite some time. Thats the ambitious procrastinator in me.

It was Mother's Day as we all know this last weekend, and my mother is the best. She really is. I saw all these posts on FB saying their mother was the best, but they haven't either met mine, or are just trying to make their own mother feel really good.

My mom keeps Mother's Day cards, as I'm sure any mother of young children do.  She goes through them each year and reminisces about all the mother's days celebrated and then she cries. Good cries I hope.   I remembered this from last year, so I decided I better step up my game if I wanted my card to be added to the stack of home made cards.

Sew, when I saw this blog, I knew I had to do this for my mom.  How hard could it be?  You poke holes in a card, then take thread and embroider between the holes!!! Plus, she said it would only take 30-45 minutes. She also said if you start it on Saturday night at 10:30 you'd be good to go by the next morning.  Good thing I didn't listen to that part of the advice, because it took me a good 20 minutes to poke all the holes.  Then it took me another 20 minutes to stitch it, then it took me a good 30 minutes to just do the french knots.  Probably because I make my own way of french knotting up. 

Here's the finished product:

I'm the favorite.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moves Like Jagger

Anyone that has a best friend (and I'm pretty sure that covers everyone?) can remember those moments in time where you're in the car and that song comes on the radio and you both turn into giddy 13yr olds and dance from the waist up.

A few months ago, back when Moves Like Jagger just started to get overplayed, my best friend and I found ourselves pulling into the driveway.  We sat there and moved like Jagger until the song was over.  Then we got out of the car, went inside and resumed our sweet little married lives.

Reason #542901 to marry your best friend.