Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beardie Fever

Have you seen these?

Lady Beards

 Man Beards

If you're a friend of mine and not some blogstalker (which is o.k. too) you probably have.

I call them beardies, I spose because it sounds like (blake's) beanies and because I'm a dork.

I've sold them to people in Vermont, Texas, New York, Utah, Ohio, California, Louisiana, Deleware, Kansas, Florida,  Seattle, Pullman, to name a few places.  Crazy thinking about all these people putting something I crocheted on their faces.

The latest beardie craze happened over the weekend.  If you saw my FB posts, then you already know.  I have an order for 50 OR MORE.   And she wanted around 1/2 of those mailed to her this week, so all beardie buyers can wear them for a football game on Friday.  Its a fundraiser for the high school she teaches at, and the mascot has an orange beard, as shown here:

It's super awesome because it means lots of exposure and mulah for muah.  But what it also means is that I'm crocheting instead of sleeping, cooking, cleaning, bathing, blinking, etc.  Well, I guess the I don't normally bathe on Saturdays anyways, so thats nothing new. jk. kinda.

On top of that, my etsy store is on FY-AH.  I started my etsy page in December of 2011, so I didn't realize how much business to expect for the fall season.  Man,  people plan ahead!!! Either that or its a lot colder in other parts of the US right now because so far this week, I've had 7 orders for hats, fingerless gloves and beardies. 

Plus, I've got my in town peeps ordering stuff too!!!  (you guys are priority right now fyi)

Obviously, I LOVE CROCHETING.  And every year I'm helluz busy.  But this year tops it.  I've stocked up for my November 17th craft fair, but now I'm selling the stuff I have in stock, so I'm now restocking my stock.   I'm loving all the orders I've received and I see myself crocheting until I grow old and can no longer operate my robotic fingers. 

Thanks to EVERYONE who is sportin a Blake's Beanie, Beardie, Headband, or fingerless gloves, pretend eating my crocheted food,  or has just purchased one and is waiting (hopefully patiently) for one.   

Also, thanks to ROKU for allowing Netflix and Hulu+ to be streaming Teen Mom, Parenthood, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Workaholics, and many many movies. 

If YOU would like a beardie, or anything else crochet related, email me at, or visit my etsy shop!  And if you've already purchased something of mine, I would LOVE a picture of you wearing the beard or hat!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

8 years and counting

Today I celebrate the 8th anniversary of being married to my best friend.

I read something in the Readers Digest this morning (I won't tell you where I was, but maybe I just did) that was advice from mothers to their children, and one of them was how to stay married.  It said just one thing: marry someone that makes you laugh.  To me, that is a best friend.  They are there with/for you through all the good and the bad, but they are the ones you have fun with, laugh with, and enjoy the most out of life with.

I'm not saying our relationship has been perfect. We, just as all married couples, have fought, cried, and mean mugged.  But those times really have been overshadowed by all of the times we've laughed.  And loved.  And snowboarded, fished, camped, Seahawk knuckled, snuggled, etc etc.

Remember this post about the 14 page love letter I found, written for my college freshman boyfriend?   When reading it, I felt those old feelings of missing him while he was away and thinking of the future when I got to spend every day and night with him. It seemed like such a far off event.  Being married, being one.  That was 13 years ago.  Crazytown.  I really did feel such strong feelings for this man and I knew they were for reals. But to say that out loud as a 17 year old sounds kinda silly because how can you know at that age that your choice in "the one" is really going to turn out to be "the one"???  Sometimes it just works out that way.

Us @ Prom 2000

He asked my parents for my hand in marriage in May of 2004.  I was a couple months from graduating and I knew I wanted to get married that summer.  However, he hadn't asked me yet and the summer was in full swing. (I was thisclose to asking him myself)  On July 9th we went camping on a beach up river and the next morning as the sun came up he asked me.  He got down on one knee and professed his love for me and said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He cried, I cried.  And of course I said yes.  Three months later, we were married :) We had a fabulous wedding.  It was on my parents front lawn of their Coeur d'Alene lakefront cabin.  The reception was aboard the resort's cruise ship,  The Mish-an-Nock.  It was October 2, 2004. We were crazy, crazy young, and crazy young in love.

 Thanks Lyndee for the pics I stole from your FB page :)

We did not live together before we got married.  So even though we'd already been together for about 5 years, there was still something very exciting to look forward to.  I knew most of his habits, and he mine, but there was a sense of newness to the relationship that made it all that more exciting.  It was the beginning of the longest slumber party I've ever had. I remember not being able to sleep very well with someone RIGHT THERE.  (We had a queen bed and if you don't know, Hottie Hubs is 6'7").  Now when he's not there I can't sleep very well.

We still hide behind corners and scare each other.  We have been known to dump a cup of cold water over the shower curtain, and most recently he got me with the ol' rubber band around the kitchen sprayer.  We are each others best audiences, laughing at our duuuumb jokes. (Most recent: his impression of playing a giant violin during opening credits of Walking Dead)

Thanks to you my love, for finding my jokes still funny, my face still beautiful, and for keeping my heart fluttering.