Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is quilting in my future?

Dear Magic 8 Ball,

Is quilting in my future?
Am I on my way to becoming the best grandma before I even have kids?
Will Jo-Ann's ever have moderately priced items?

Yes, Yes, and Ask again later.

My yougest acting eldest sister Robyn quilts.  Ok..... I'll give you time to clean your monitor of coffee spit.

She really does. It shocked me too when she started up with this craft.  Not surprisingly, even her first quilt was impressive. During a recent late night conversation, I mentioned I'm really only sewing straight lines because I feel I need to start basic.  Thats when she said she was totally gonna get me hooked on quilting.

When I think of quilting, I think of blanket quilts, naturally.  But I think this chick's gonna quilt pillows, and everything BUT blankets. I've already been told NOT to crochet a "grandma" blanket, so I'll take that as a hint we don't need a quilted blanket either.  I could go all hippie and sew together a quilted skirt to wear to the next Gorge concert, but I fear if I start wearing stuff like that I might stop brushing my hair and shaving my pits.

I have sooo many projects that I want to do right now. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  Sometimes I just want to live off the land.  I can totally envision crafting all day long while hottie hubs hunts and gathers. I wonder if the UPS truck would deliver fabric/yarn/sewing supplies. Cuz by live off the land, I mean far enough away, but close enough for electricity, running water, and the internet. (how else would i blog?)

A lot goes into quilting, and I'm not sure I'm totally ready for it all.  I browsed the "quilting squares" area of JoAnns the other day, and man alive that shits expensive!  Cute, but spendy.  I can't imagine how much money I would have to sell a blanket for after its all said and done.  The quilt squares, thread, the filling, the backing, and whatever else I'm probably forgetting, all adds up.  I just googled, "how much does a quilt cost to make" and a search came back from one quilter stating she's spent as little as $60 and as much as $700. Are you freakin kidding me?!?! Did she use egyptian cotton with a crazy thread count and thread made from a bald eagle's chest hair? Maybe I'll just make a cheesy denim quilt with the back pockets still attached.

For the record, this is not my sister's quilt.

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