Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stitch and (Bitch) Talk Nicely About Our Lives

I've posted this topic on FB, and gotten quite the postive response, but never followed through with actually planning a "Stitch and Bitch" event.  These things go on around the country y'all! Didya know THAT? I'm not clever enough to make up my own slogan, so any credit you gave me can be given to Debbie Stroller.  She's the author of the actual Stitch and Bitch books, which include patterns for knerds knitters. 

I've aquired what I believe is carpal tunnel from knitting, so I've all but completely stopped :(. But I still crochet like a mo-fo, and have just started sewing (doi, you obviously know this).  Last night, my crocheting p.i.c. Megan excitedly told me she is getting a sewing machine!!!  We are only now 7 sewing mates away from a Project Runway competition.  I can just imagine models strutting down the runway showcasing my oven mits and napkins. 

SOOO, back to the idea of getting together to drink craft. I was thinking maybe once a month we come together and maybe one person can bring an easy project to do, and teach the rest of us.  OR, we could just get together and work on whatever project we've got goin on. For example, I would love to teach how to make that braided scarf I posted about earlier.  It literally requires 4 straight stitches.  And I didn't even have to cut material!  I know a few people already that are interested:  Jenny (who is highly advanced at sewing I might add), Megan, Carly (although she stated she's more interested in the bitching and less into stitching), Katie, and Rodney's interested too. HA. joking.

Anyone seriously interested in crocheting/sewing/bitching? There will be alcohol involved, so lets not get our expectations too high on the final outcome of the projects.  I mean I'm not going to be going around with a whistle and pouring tequila down your throats/shaking your head around, but a beer or glass of wine can only strengthen our creativity, right? 

Leave a comment if you are interested, and the first par-tay can be at my house.  If you don't have a sewing machine, I can let you use mine (after a drivers ed type course).  If you don't have crochet hooks, I can also let you use mine (as I have MANY).   I've got some shitty yarn I can probably let go of too, but if you want the nice stuff, you might need to supply your own :)


  1. I like stitching and I like bitching. Soul mates. :) Lets do it. I know some peeps too. I want to learn to crazy quilt. It's so crazy I just gotta.

  2. I would very much like to join in! Sounds like my kinda evening. Heck I may even bring my trusty glue gun and teach y'all some stitch-free tricks. :)
    -Ummm this is Laurel by the way-

  3. Yay Laurel! I just borrowed my friends glue gun.....just need to find a reason to use it!