Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blake's Beanies Giveaway!!!

****UPDATE**** We have a winner!!!
Congrats to: Chantelle Boyd!!!!
I'll be getting a hold of you for your order details! 
Thanks to everyone that entered!

Who wouldn't want a Blake's Beanie when its 100 degrees out?!?!?!
Feels like a perfect time to give one away!

Giveaways used to confuse a not-so-interested-in-doing-them sort of way.  I mean, I get the concept but I just never really got into them on my blake's beanies Facbook page.  I see all sorts of pages doing them constantly just to get people to their page, but I wasn't really having a problem with getting strangers to my site.  Don't get me wrong, you can never have enough strangers/creepers visiting your business page. However, I was busy enough with the orders I already had to fill my "after work, before chores" time.

Here's my awesome banner from my Etsy shop.  Thanks to Jenny Purington.

So here's the thing.  I've got a lot in inventory right now, because I'm gearin up for the 2012 craft fair season (which actually only consists of 1 craft fair because I usually don't like sitting there sell out).  When I look into my craft room, I see all my hats tucked away like abandoned stuffed animals waiting to be played with. Right now, there's probably around 90-100 hats waiting for a noggin to warm/style/accessorize. That may seem like a lot of hats, but trust me, its not. I need about twice as many as that for the fair, because God made every single person's head a different size. And I'm not blaming God. I'm just stating the obvious.

Blah blah blah Blake. Get to the freakin giveaway already.
The winner will recieve one free Blake's Beanie (doi).  You can either have the version with the buttons on each side, or the version with the flower on the side.  I really like this style of hat.  It looks good on everyone!  These pics are not the actually hats you will win, but just the style. The winner will get to choose colors and size (newborn to chad m. large man head). I've got a pretty crazy yarn stash right now, so most likely I will have the color scheme you ask for.  If not? Well, work with me, its free.
My poor styro-head Phoebe. She's smelled better days.
But at least someone tried to fix that by fingernailing a smile onto her.
Thanks to whomever did that....not.

These are just a few that I found to show the flowers.
I have many many more color combos.

Oh. Like this one.
I promise I made more than fuschia colored flowers

My cute sis-in-law Michele modeling on a perfect fall afternoon.
 (Factoid: She had my niece Roselynn in her belly)

Sheesh. I almost forgot to mention HOW to win. I've had 4 blonde moments already today, and I'm not talkin about the beer my cousin Pete makes, although it really would have the same results. I'm gonna make this easy on you folks. You can either email me your entry at, comment on this blog post, or comment on either my FB blog post, or my blakesbeanies FB blog post. One entry/person, so don't bother overachieving.  I will probably just write everyone that enters on a piece of paper and have my dog Lola sniff out the winner. Seems pretty fair. totally joking. I'll have my neighbor's dog Pepper pick.

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