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This blog post has nothing to do with sewing and/or crafting. Its strictly about my dog. You've been warned.

For those that know me, (and I'm assuming most reading this do) there's been an addition to my heart in the last year and a half.  Her name is Lola. Actually Lola Rae to be even more human sounding. She's pretty dang close to human if you ask me.  She's got the brain of a genius, silky soft black hair, and the personality of a sweet sweet grandmother. She's a snuggle bug, a licker, a show off, a bodyguard, a greeter, a lover.  And she found us at the perfect time in life. You don't realize how much an animal (specifically a dog) enriches your life until you get a good one. I say a good one, because bad dogs don't enrich lives, they torture them. And I say a dog because I'm not a cat person anymore. I switched when I got a dog.

Lola doesn't chew, dig, annoy, have ADD, have that crazy look in her eye, or even jump right out of the car when you open her door.  She stands there waiting for my command to get out of the car. Seriously, the best dog in the world. I'm fully aware I'm using classic mom words.  Because thats exactly what I feel like. Her mom.

Every mom I've ever talked to has said that once you have kids, dogs take the backseat BIG TIME. You feel so much more love for your child than you ever had for your dog. I get it. But we have no children. So Lola has definitely filled that spot for now. I may have babied her so much right when we got her, that an absolute snuggle/nudger monster is the fruits of my labor.  I may be the person that thinks her dog is THE BEST when really there's better dogs out there, but I don't think so.  I may talk in extremes (take after m' mom) but Lola really is the best.  This was a pic I took of her a couple days ago on my lunchbreak in my backyard.
I made a strange alien noise so she'd perk her ears up.

Oh, did I forget to mention
 I take her to work with me everyday?!?!

I love that pic for a few reasons even if it is blurry.  One, the two white spots behind her are her feet.  Her hips are super flexible, so she lays with one foot on each side. Its adorable. And two, her head is turned. I made the alien noise again.  Works every time.

Speaking of work, she started going to work with me a few months ago.  Every day.  For being two years young, she is super mellow. She lays down all day.  The only time she is kinda sorta in a ensy weensy way naughty? Sometimes, and I do mean sometimes she barks loud when someone walks in the door.  But since she's usually laying right at my feet and my desk faces the door, I have time to pinch her ear while they're opening the door. At least thats what I've started to do in the past week or so.  Its working quite well.  The main people that come in she doesn't bark (very loud) at, so for 98% of the time, she's an angel.  In fact, since the heatwave of summer started, I've pushed what has felt like social boundaries by bringing her in with me to local businesses.  So far, Lola has been more than welcome into the stores. Staples was the first test.  There weren't any signs saying no dogs, so I walked in with her on the leash like I owned the place. We've been there twice now, and they love her! (seriously who doesn't/wouldn't!?!?) Printcraft not only allowed her in, but also gave her a dog treat.  Of course, all the banks and most coffee stands give her a dog treat as well.  She all but says "bank" when we get close. See how I can confuse her for a human baby?  Rodney can attest to the fact that I say I love her as if I gave birth to her (i actually say something a little more detailed).

Here is a lil slideshow of my lil Lola Rae:

Chillin relaxin all cool

Yes, she's in my lap helping me work.
 And no I'm not getting distracted!

Still helping! Oh and its a good shot of the first real sewing project!

We're buds.

I may have put the Care Bear there.
She's really good at snuggling.


Lola and Gunther, her cousin.

We dog-sat Gunther this weekend, and he's only 4 months old.  So he wanted to play, play and play.  Lola is soo sweet to her house guests. Saturday night she laid right by my bed instead of on her dog bed.  Seriously sweet, right?  She did this when we dog-sat Jolie, the standard poodle awhile back too. (although Gunther chose to sleep under the bed)

I quickly took this pic when I noticed them snuggling in the morning. Gunther is literally laying on top of Lola.

<My advice for those that want a dog. Please take the time to consider/research the breed. Also take the time to train.  Dogs are a ton of work, but if you train them properly and right after you get them, you wil not have to do much else.  I honestly can't remember the last time I had to discipline/reprimand Lola.  Also, socialize your dog with other dogs and people.  I cannot stand when people take their dogs to the park or out in public and they act like rabid maniacs wanting to shred your face off.> This message has been brought to you by the letters D, O and G.

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