Friday, July 13, 2012

My mom and yard sales

Perfect combo. 

I'm not much into cruising yard sales, mostly because I like to sleep on Saturday mornings, followed by lounging in my pjs well into the afternoon without showering. And if you've ever seen my hair 1 day after a shower, you know I'm the last person that should be parading around yards. I didn't get the nickname "Greasy Bangs" for nothin. (thanks sis) 

So, I enlist those that DO like yard sales to specifically look for certain items for me. Mainly NKOTB gear knitting needles. And yarn.  However, the latter I'm very picky about.  If you bring me a sack full of yard sale or goodwill yarn, I become a total yarn snob. Most likely will not keep any of it, and have a hard time appreciating the actions at all.  Totally snobby, right?  I know. I'm sorry. I just have a ton of yarn right now, and its the good stuff. Not dusty, scratchy, stinky, blah colored yarn. Not to mention where I would put it. I'm pretty maxed out at the moment.

So my mom just called me to tell me she's at a yard sale and saw some yarn.  I had her give me the specifics and then used google images to see exactly what she was talking about.  And the yarn was $1/skein. I said I'd take a couple of those, and then asked her to tell the yard sale boss that she'd give them $.50/each for the smaller alpaca yarn skeins :)  My mother, queen of saving money/good deals was shy about doing that!!!! HAHAHA. I reminded her that she was at a yard sale, not JoAnns. Is this not what you SUPPOSED to do?  I mean, they obviously don't want the yarn anymore.  Is this the same woman that took a Snuggie tag OFF of a Snuggie for me at a yard sale????? Maybe she's afraid her yard sale good karma's running thin.

I really hope she scored.

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