Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stitch Fix

When I was little, I didn't like to dress up. I hated having to wear frilly dresses to recitals or Easter Sunday church.  They just didn't fit my personality. In high school and college, I mainly wore thrift shop t-shirts and jeans.

When I graduated college, my sister had just moved back to town and was helping me with my new wardrobe I desperately needed for my new job selling real estate. It was at that point that I started actually caring how I looked.

Now, over the last 8 years, I've acquired a closet I'm somewhat proud of. I started buying lots of jewelry and accessories from Forever 21.  Have you ever seen their prices? You can literally get 10 earrings, 10 necklaces, and 10 bracelets for a combined total of $40. Their crappy jewelry is really cute, stylish and cheap.  Perfect for me because if I lose something, its no biggie. And I lose 1 earring quite often due to the previously stretched earring-hole in my left ear.  (whole nutha story for nutha blog)
Fashion does not come all that natural to me. I have to really work and try to look presentable/cute/my age.  This is where Stitch Fix comes in. Because who doesn't want a personal stylist mailing you clothes to try on and send back if you don't like them????

So, do I have your attention?  

Stitch fix is basically your online personal wardrobe styling BFF.  And believe me, in the Lewiston Clarkston Valley, thats something a few most us desperately need. Its a website (that is currently still in the beta testing stage...don't ask me what that means exactly) that asks you a bunch of questions regarding your size, style, price range and then they send you clothes to try out! In your own home! And you don't have to buy ANY of it (or pay ANY shipping)!  Its nothing short of amazing.  Lets dive right in, shall we? 

Here's my package:

First off, can you say Christmas in July?!?!
I have NO idea what is inside, but I'm giddy.

The tag is reminding me that if I buy all 5 items, they take 25% off entire order.

Inside were instructions and a free set of post-its!

There were 5 items. Each has a description tag that shows the outfit in 2 different suggested ways to wear it.  So thats helpful. Mainly because a few of these items would NOT look good just worn right off the rack. They need to be paired with other accessories or clothes that I would not have known or tried.

*FULL DISCLOSURE* I'm not a model, nor do I believe I am, or ever will be.  If you are a FB friend, you will notice I have no myspace mirror shots, duck faces or glam shots . I rarely photograph myself, and if I do, I probably won't post it for all to see because I don't often like pictures of myself.  I am an absolute DWEEB MCDWEEBY and I am ok with that.  My hubs thinks I'm a total hottie, and thats all that matters!!! :) Now enjoy the extreme dorkiness from the photoshoot my BFF Jenny and I had a couple nights ago.

Item #1.
Pink Stitch Top : Blouse liz accordian blouse

Styling suggestion on the tag!

First pic of the night.....just a smidge akward, thats all!

It was a sleeveless accordian blouse. With a lower back than front. Although it looked much cuter on than on the hanger, I just couldn't see myself wearing it, well, ever.

Item #2:
Miilla Outer Layer : Jacket flicka elbow sleeve hooded anorak
Front and back. My brother asked if I was going to start doing hair.

What? It was a question!?!?!
(inside joke involving a "To Catch a Predator" creep)

Want to instantly look 40 lbs heavier? Or possibly hide a six-pack candy for the movies?

Ok, whats with the back being longer than the front? Its like reverse maternity wear. I'm seeing a trend, and I'm not liking it.  This item is a tad too hip for me. Its a cargo style jacket (that looks downright silly from the backside) with 3/4 length sleeves. Too much goin on if ya ask me.

Item #3:
Amour Vert Dress : Casual Dress vivianne ruched jersey tunic dress

Perfect for blue bras and big butts
(neither of which I had at the time)

I imagine this one for someone with a bangin booty or large fupah. Only because it really draws attention to that region of the body, and not just the back. I love the material.  I own a lot of jersey knit stuff.  Its just ultra comfy.  It looks WAY better on the body than on the hanger.


Item #4:
Hourglass Lilly Dress : Casual Dress lyra 3/4 sleeve jersey tunic dress
I thought hourglasses had a smaller middle.


Lola Rae blending in with the curtains

This NEEDS a belt. It literally has no shape to it. I actually put this on in the morning to wear to work on Monday, but decided I may want the day to think about it before I ruin it with my first sip of coffee. They actually would of had me with this one, because I can wear leggins for work appropriate-ness, and then shed them at 5pm for a cute mini. However, the elastic on the left sleeve was tight, and the elastic on the right was loose. I'm guessing the designer has a huge right forearm.

Item #5:
Pretty Persuasions Accessory : Scarf mixed striped lightweight scarf

Nevermind my stained pj shirt I combined with it

I really liked this one.  I like to wear scarves, but I also like to sew my own scarves. (translation: do not like to spend money on something i could make myself)

Now, here's the deets:  I spent $20 for the "fix". That $20 is now a credit towards any of the 5 items sent to me. If I don't keep any of the items, I forfeit the mulah. (I paid no shipping charges)

Notice I didn't tell you any of the items prices.  I did mention these are items you'd find in a boutique and not Forever 21, right? SOOO, they're quite a bit more than I'd spend. 
I also didn't mention the price right at first, because sometimes you just gotta give things a chance before the price can sway your decision.

The silly cargo jacket? $75.
The jersey knit dress? $86.
The no figure casual dress? $48.
The scarf? $38.

So basically take $20 (that i've already spent) off of each price and you can possibly justify it.

I'll just say I'm not in love with any of them really, but I've seen other people's stitch fixes, and they do have cute stuff.  Oh, and you are not in any sort of contract where they demand you order.  I can stop here, be out $20 and continue to shop where everyone else in this valley shops-Ross or TJ Maxx or "the mall".

Each time you order, you give feed back to help narrow your style down a little bit better so they can get an idea of how those items worked, and if they need to change how they style you for your next fix if you so choose.

If you are interested, please refer me by clicking on this link:

You'll sign up, be assigned a rad stylist, and in a few days, they'll get back with you and you can get started!  It was really fun, and I will probably do it again sometime soon.  I love the whole concept.

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