Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things I'm Diggin

I've beein into a few things lately, and I'd like to share.  Maybe I can get some recommendations/ideas for when I'm not diggin anything in the near future, aka, nothing is on TV and I need something to watch NOW.


1. The Following.  Super awesome show on Fox.  On Hulu Plus if you need to catch up.

2. Catfish.  Amazing show. On MTV, so that makes me feel 19. Season 1 just got over, but its also on Hulu Plus if you are needing a marathon fix.  My sister thought Nev was hot until she noticed his uncontrollable chest hair.

3. Survivor.  I missed last week ( the one where Brandon dumped his team's rice.....ooooh I'd be sooo pissed), but last night's was a good one, minus missing who got voted off (I found out it was Mr.Single-Dreadlock Beard.)

4. Documentaries. About anything.  This week, we watched Just for Kicks, one about the culture and fashion of the sneaker. And although it wasn't the best documentary I've ever seen, it was good enough to watch in its entirety.


I'm usually too ADD to read a book.  Mostly because I have crocheting projects that I need to complete or I have a new People magazine that needs my immediate attention.  But I have a Kindle Fire that I love and I have been known to be wide awake at 3am, and reading puts me right to sleep.  Well, that is until this book.  I actually went to bed early and woke up early to read this and if I would wake up at 3am, instead of trying to get right back to sleep, I'd grab my Kindle from under my pillows and continue with this cray cray mystery novel about a man and his missing wife.  Of course the first person they turn to is the spouse.....

Girly Stuff

1. Discontinued Sensaria Mango lotion. My Aunt Lucy bought me some a few years ago, and I became obsessed.  So much, that she went around asking for everyone's extras because she knew the company was no longer.
2. Hottie Hubs' deodorant.  Speed stick, fresh scent.  Isn't strictly man smelling, and it works really well.  (I can't find mine, and after I smelled his, I quit looking, then I found mine and still use his)

3. Naked juice.  The cases were on sale at Costco last week, so I bought 2.  I have one every morning, and since I'm allergic to most fruit ( well, the thin-skinned ones that grow on trees), I can get the vitamins from those by drinking these!

4. My Dot Dash sunglasses. I scratched the first pair so much I could no longer see, so I went online and bought myself the exact same pair, and this time around, am keeping them scratch free!


My Bountiful Basket. Oh, sweet sweet basket. How you have enriched my meals this last week and a half.  Here's what was inside. Oh, and I got the Thai add on, which was basically more green stuff.

1. Radishes
2. Mangoes
3. Lemons
4. Bananas
5. Lettuce
6. Asparagus
7. Celery
8. Garlic cloves
9. Bok Choy
10. Green Peppers
11. Strawberries

Thai Basket:
12. Napa Cabbage
13. Carrots
14. Mushrooms
15. A Coconut
16. Red Onion
17. Ginger
18. Dried chili peppers (i think)
19. Limes
20. Cilantro
21. Basil
22. Bamboo Shoot
23. Green Onions

WTH did two people do with all this food?  Well, some of it is still in my fridge and might not get eaten, but I really did try to use all the food, and was pretty successful.  This is prob the last time I get an add on, because it was basically like buying 2 baskets.  I still haven't figured out what to do with the bamboo shoot other than pretend its a dog whip. But since I don't whip my dog, it hasn't even gotten that use out of it.

I made two new recipes that I had never made before in my life, and like a good chef, didn't even taste them while they cooked.  I literally took my first bite after I dished up.  But both were amazing.

One was Braised Radishes, from this recipe.
The other, was a Ginger Garlic Bok Choy recipe that I can no longer find to link.

I've gotten in the habit of reading comments under every online article I read, mostly because they are hilarious and funnier than the article (especially on Tosh.O's blog. the comments are legen-waitforit-dary.  So, when I was looking at both recipes, I read the comments.  I find that people will try recipes and if something isn't quite right, they'll comment on how THEY made it, but changed things up a bit.  I pretty much followed commenter #2's advice and cooked them the way she did, and they were amazing.  Didn't even taste like radishes, which was the whole point I'm guessing.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Last night the HH and I were having a discussion about life and he said something to the effect of, "everyone's different".  Which sparked his brain to this video.  Its amazing.  I've already watched it 4 times, and probably will watch it 40 more times before I memorize it and sing along and possibly make my own remix.  Well, on second thought, I'll leave that to the experts, and in this case, the experts are PBS.  They've just created this series of remixes that will make you laugh, cry, smile, and feel completely warm inside.   I suggest you start with this one.

And then watch this one.

And then watch this one. 

Am I right, or am I right? 

You're welcome.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Delirium, Carnage and Laughter

So last night my brain decided to "storm" and not rest, so I went along with it and laid awake. all.night.long.  Now, many I'm sure are skeptical when I say all night long, and by many, I mostly mean my husband.  He chooses not to believe that I didn't sleep for one second.  I'm not sure why. He likes to try and convince me that I really did catch some shut eye and also because if he gets up in the middle of the night, I pretend I'm asleep so I don't have to go through the same convo that always occurs:

Me:  "I haven't slept one wink yet"
HH: "Babe, you know thats not true. You've been sleeping. I heard you."
Me: "Hmmm. Heard me what, snore? Cause I KNOW thats not what you heard."  
HH: "ZZzzzzzz"

He's so freakin quick at falling asleep.  Its quite aggravating when I've been laying there doing my "sleep tricks" which I will spell out (literally) for you.  

First, I try and get comfortable. Duh.  When I'm finally comfortable, I will yawn, meaning that I could fall asleep in this position.  See, I have this theory that if I'm laying there NOT yawning, then sleep will not arrive. If I find a position and immediately yawn, then I'll stay in that position until I either fall asleep or go to my 2nd "trick".  Thats where I try and concentrate on my feet, imagining them sinking into the bed.  I will concentrate then on my calves, thighs, butt, belly, arms, etc. etc.  If this does not work, then I move onto #3.  This is similar to "counting sheep" where I envision the word SLEEP.  I will spell it, say it slow in my mind, repeat.  If this does not work, I will move onto a more elaborate word game involving the entire alphabet and thinking of animals that start with that letter.  I try not to get this far in the sleep game, because once I'm to M (Monkey obviously) I'm more awake than ever and not yawning.  

Last night was a litte different.  I had this strange vision, and the best way I can describe it, is one of those scanner boxes you use your smart phone with.  Except instead of black and white, it was blue and white.....So, during the brain"storm", I decided I would do just that because at work, I'm needing to brainstorm ideas for commercials, so I figured that was the perfect time.  And it worked.  I thought of 3 commercial ideas, which led to mainly one once I got to work.  

I also have this thing where I will NOT look at the time.  Its kind of like weighing yourself.  I try not to, even though I do have a scale.  I will every once in awhile, but I really don't want/need to know how much I weigh every couple hours.  For some reason, my husband does like to know what time it is at 2am or 3am or 4am.  I feel like thats just torture. I use things like the traffic outside my window to determine the time.  Last night, HH wanted to know what time it was, and since I was still awake, I saw him check his phone.  But I did not ask him what he found out. I just like to pretend its still midnight and I have 5 hours of sleep left, even when I know its really 4:45am because the traffic just picked up. I did speak up though. I said to my Hottie, "Wanna know a secret? I haven't fallen asleep yet" I'm pretty sure he didn't believe me.  

My parents have one of those clocks that shines on the ceiling and that machine is my ultimate nemesis.  Whenever I sleep over in their bed (when they're gone people), I wake up and open my eyes and my brain is just READING IT WITHOUT MY CONSENT.  Grrr.

I finally broke down and checked the time. 5:05am.  Awesome. My alarm was going to be going off at 5:16 so that I can get up and go workout with my two biffs.  This brought about a whole nutha convo that started in my brain.  "Should I even GO to workout class since I haven't slept?" "Should I just sleep?"  "No, Blake, you're not going to fall asleep NOW, and if you DO, you'll be WAY sleepier than if you just get your arse up and into those stretch pants." 

But here it is, the end of the day, and I feel great. Which could mean a couple of things.  Either I really did sleep last night and just dreamt about smart phone scanner boxes, or I'm living on pure caffeine and adrenaline. 

Either way, I found this video to be hilarious.  Cross country skiing is easy because its usually on flat ground, but once you get to a hill, you better hope those ankles of yours are holdin strong.