Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Seahawks Post

Ok. So I'm going to weigh in.  Not on facebook, but on my own personal blog.  For a few reasons.  One, I get as long as a post/rant as I want. Two, no one really comments on this page, so I won't have to deal with certain annoying football fanatics having a fit over a GAME.

Let me just start out by saying this: I'm no Sporty Spice.  I'm just a girl who has enjoyed watching the Seattle Seahawks for the last 5+ years with Hottie Hubs. I don't give a flyin penalty flag about the other teams.  Couldn't care less actually.  I've had some great Sundays with close friends watching this ONE team through their ups and their downs.  A few years ago, it was hard to watch them, but we did.  We supported them with their dumb QB and their stupid mistakes.  Then last year, we saw something really awesome.  We saw a team that was starting to get it together and actually win.  A team that was fun to watch again.  A QB that ran the ball (and wasn't too shabby to look at either) and a group of other guys they now call the Legion of Boom.  A great kicker and a not too shabby offensive team.  Plus, a guy named Zach Miller.  Really?  Zach's my brother and Miller is his dog (well technically he's my parents dog now) so obviously I gotta like that guy too.

Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?  Cause I don't.  Thats how much I don't care about football.  Just because I was a stat girl does not make me an expert ;)

And thats just fine with me.  Because its JUST A GAME.

When we went to Seattle a few years ago during pre-season, we went to a Seahawks-Raiders game.  I admit, I may have had a few too many pre-funk beers, and along the route to the stadium, I was giving out "knuckles" to EVERYONE.  Literally everyone that my knuckle could touch.  I would run up to people, strangers if you will, and with a cute smile yell, "Seahawk Knuckles!!!!"  And everyone would give them back to me.  I even ran up to an obvious Raiders fan and gave them "Raider Knuckles".  Why?  Because its JUST A GAME.  And games are meant to be fun.  No one plays Tic Tac Toe and chooses Os just because they hate Xs.  

And as anyone (not living under a rock) on FB could tell, Sunday night extending to the present has been blown up with whiney crybabies that are upset with the Seahawks.  Why?  Because your team didn't make it?  Because a trash talking player was given a chance on the microphone?  Because we've sucked in the past and couldn't possibly have earned this trip to the Super Bowl? Seriously, every single day its another reason to hate on the Seahawks. Today it's the clothesline seen around the world. Tomorrow, it'll be the fake dread extensions that whipped someone in the face "accidentally" (I made that one up but you see where I'm going) The Seahawks consist of some strong personalities.  Those personalities are the ones that make waves.  This is not a new concept.

I honestly don't remember FB blowing up over a game before this, but then again, I couldn't care less about any other NFL (or MLB, NBA, NHL) team.  But for some reason, the Seattle Seahawks success this season has gotten more (negative) coverage than I've ever seen.   And its extremely annoying.  As if your comment is going to change anyone's mind, or the outcome of the game.  All its doing is creating a wedge between you and your "friends" online.  I actually found myself a little mad at a friend because of something they posted about MY team. Duh.  There's a lot more going on in this world that could use some passionate ranting posts. 

Another topic: Bandwagoners.  For some reason, it upsets people that others might want to start rooting for the Seahawks now that the've pulled their heads outta their butts.  So what?  What's the bother?  Because the 12th man is getting bigger, stronger, louder?  Is this whole thing about the 12th man?  Why hate on a community of people supporting something positive?  The 12th man WAS HERE when they're weren't doing their best.  But of course, fans get louder the better a team plays, right?  So why is it so surprising that when we're doing awesome, the 12th man is at it loudest? 

Its like we can't win. Except we are.  We're winning.  And for once, no one can take that away from us.  We're on top this year.  Deal with it.  Next year might be your team's turn.

Besides, ITS JUST A GAME.  Isn't the Super Bowl more about the commercials anyway? ;)

Now, who doesn't love a good photo montage of how much FUN it is to be a Seahawks fan?!?!?!

We may have lost that game, but we're still happy!

That one time I was there. 

Not to toot my own horn, but HONK HONK. 

Isn't my dad hilarious? 

Isn't my mom the cutest?

Hottie Hubs and "the finger"

Roselynn sportin the beardie

In Cali watchin the game. KNUCKLES.

At home, rootin for our team!