Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stat girls

With all the football talk in the news, it gets me thinking about how I got into liking football in the first place.  My mom (who was a P.E. minor in college I might add) sat me down at the kitchen table, drew a picture of a football field and taught me Football 101.  I knew a few terms- touchdown, first down, interception. But I didn't know the rules.  I didn't grow up in a home where football was watched all that often, unless it was the Huskies playing the Cougars.  Heck, I didn't even know until college that there was a game on TV every Thanksgiving.  My family actually talks to each other and plays cards around the table after the glutenous meal.  Go figure.

So why the need to know the rules to football???  Because I was intercepted by a coach and asked to be a "stat girl".  <pun fully intended>

My freshman year of high school had started out great.  I had already been to band camp (in my hs band was cool...really it was. i promise), already met lots of upperclassmen, and was getting attention from a few of them.  So when I got asked to watch the football team's every move, I jumped at the chance. Especially because they also asked my very best friend Katie.  I remember telling the coach that I totally knew/loved football butts in uniforms.   But in reality, I had no idea what really went on during the game. Well, besides cheering when we got a touchdown. 

Basically, the coaches wanted two girls to look at to take notes during the game so they could call in the stats of the game to the local paper to print in the next day's Sports section. They told us our stats didn't have to be exactly correct, but hopefully something close.  One of us was to take Offensive Notes, and the other Defensive.  I chose or was given (not sure which) defensive.  Thank goodness, because the offensive side of things demanded more attention than I wanted to give. I was too busy checkin out butts in tight pants.  My job (besides flirting with the players) was to mark down all tackles and sacks, and to record how far all kickoffs/punts and their returns were.  Katie had the much tougher job (in my opinion) recording all the offensive moves.  She had to mark down who threw to what guy, and how far that guy ran or how long the throw was.  Katie ended up being so accurate, that after a few games, the coaches relied on our stats more than any other stat girl before us.  

We started out working the freshman team, and then the next 3 years we were strictly varsity.  It was a blast.  We traveled with the team to every game, hung out before the games and rode back in the super stinky bus full of boys.  Life was good.  

Specific memories include:

One of the coaches "christening" (his overheard words, not mine)the bathroom while Katie and I sat in the hall close by.  I can't remember if he was embarrassed or not when he walked out. He may have been more proud than embarrassed. 

Getting to sit in the score box with the other coaches

Standing on the sidelines feeling eyes on my booty (and turning around in confirmation)

Chillin with my guy friends on the bus

Freezing my fingers off trying to keep track of who made the tackles.

Tripping over the cord that was attached to the coach's headset and nearly yanking him to the ground. 

Watching said coach yell and scream at the player he thought tripped over said cord.

Having major BFF time with Katie.  

And mostly just feeling like a badass on the sidelines during the game with my BFF.

Oh to have been on the Seahawks sideline during the now infamous MNF game. I would have been very busy marking down all those sacks!!!!

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