Thursday, September 6, 2012

Running and Vegas

Last night I laid awake thinking about how I was going to change my lifestyle.  Basically I don't work out (although I am a gym member), I drink alcohol quite frequently, and I sit on my couch and crochet almost every night. So, when I button my jeans in the morning, why am I constantly surprised that they're tight?!?!?!

I'm not opposed to exercise. Its just that I can easily find every excuse not to. Last night it was a business meeting (at a bar). Tonite I'm babysitting my niece. Tomorrow, well tomorrow is Friday, and Fridays just seem like the one day NOT to exercise. Well that and Saturday.

Back to the late night thinking. I really wanted to go 90 hard core days. No alcohol, exercising every day. I even planned on waking up early to go to the gym.  But, my thoughts were way more motivated than my body.

So when I saw that there was a Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon in Las Vegas on December 2nd, I got really excited.  For more than one reason.  My brother and his family live in Vegas, so there's always that.  And there's Vegas. A place that needs no explanation, rhyme or reason for visiting. And running 13.1 miles?!?! No one would question my motives.

So, I gotta start training. December 2nd is 13 weeks away.  Plenty of time for quality training. I've trained for Bloomsday before, which is around 8 miles, and I've completed that in an hour and 20 minutes. That's about a 10 min mile pace, so that means that I'd be done in around 2 hours, which sounds like a lot of running when I put it in those terms.  But, with THIS race, there's bands at every mile, and you're running on the strip from 4-6pm. Sounds perfect to me.

Wouldn't it be super rad if we had a group of us go and run together? Wouldn't it be even more rad if we  dressed up?!?!  Elvis? Bret Michaels?  Liberace? 

If I end up doing this alone, no one will know what happened in Vegas. Because, well, it stayed there.

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