Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Driveway Gourmet needs your help!

Amazing people. Amazing food.

One of my very best friends Chrissy Cargill and her hubby Scott need your clicks to win big!!!  They have a food truck called Driveway Gourmet and they've entered a contest to win $5000 to makeover their truck.  You can enter 1 time per day, per email address. Here's the link.

I'm about to get real with your taste buds, so pucker up and try to keep that saliva from dripping down your front.

Let me just start with the Tri Tip and Bleu Cheese Tacos. This is what I eat 2-3 times per week. I try not to eat out THAT much, but I like to pretend that eating at your bestfriends taco truck isn't technically eating out. I've literally talked someone into getting them everytime I'm down there (and by down there, I mean behind Follett's Furniture Mon-Fri 10am-3pm).  

In between two corn tortillas is cheese. Then on top of the quesadilla is tri tip beef with bleu cheese melted on top, with a lil lettuce, green onions and tomatoes.  You get chips and spanish rice to go along ( i usually put a lil rice in my tacos). Plus you get a container of the homemade salsa (which I also put on my tacos).

The gourmet tuna melt is freakin fab. The classic chicken caesar is fab. Their Philly is also nothing short of amazing. It outdoes every single philly, even Philadelphians would agree.

Aaand have you HAD A MAGIC COOKIE BAR from them? Re-donk-u-lous. 

My parents had them cater a party, where they made Scott's famous pulled pork sammies. He also made chicken wings for my white trash 29th bday party and I'm pretty sure they were gone in a matter of minutes.

They make their own salsa and guac. too, and I've stopped by their house JUST to get some for the mexican meal I was making at home. Thats how freakin fabulous they are. 

So Please please please vote vote vote for them.  The voting ends August 31st.  Oh, and go eat there today!  This week's special is....Chicken BACON tacos. Nuf said. 

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