Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My genetically matched partners in crime

Having sisters is fun :)

Don't get me wrong, having a brother can be just as fun, if not more at times (especially if Zach Broyles is your bro).  But this weekend was a rare opportunity for me to spend it with just my sisters.  I'm so freakin lucky/blessed to have such amazing ladies to look up to, talk to, laugh with, swim with, the list could go on. Especially for the crazy busy weekend we had hangin at my parents cabin on Coeur d' Alene lake. 

Saturday was the annual Twin Beaches Triathalon, a fun little bonding day for all the neighbors in our bay.  The first part is a swim (about 1/2 mile), then a fun hike around the bay, then a row back to the beach we originally swam to.  I hadn't done this in so long, I pretty much forgot it all. Especially the swimming section. Its a lot harder/longer than I thought, mostly because its in a lake that gets very choppy.  But my incredible Dad said he was going to swim right along side us three sisters.  How stinkin cute is that?  I saw other dads dive right in and head right to shore.
He's the best!

After the swimming portion of the triathalon
Being the youngest of 4 kids is awesome. Especially when your siblings are as cool as mine.
As a little kid around lets say 9, my sisters were 21 and 18.  Many nights were spent crying, wishing my sisters would hang out with me more, live at home longer, and include me in their fun.  But thats just not possible when both are away at college....or is it??? 

Just picture yourself at age 9 hanging in the dorms with cute boys.  That was my life on more than a few occasions.  My parents were very generous by letting me go visit my sisters and stay the weekends with them. They actually wanted me there!  Seriously, how lucky was I?  One weekend, Robyn took me to the NKOTB concert in Pullman and I'm not joking when I said I thought the tickets cost thousands of dollars.  (not until I went to my first concert did I have the moment of price clarity)

She's got a lil Captain in her

My oldest sister Robyn is crazy/wild/sassy. She's 12 years older, but you'd never know it because she looks and can act younger than me at times ;)  When I was 6, she moved out and went to college.  She would write me letters and talk about our boyfriends (both named Chris). When she moved to Phoenix I was 11 and for about 6 years or more, I would fly down there by myself to hang with her.  What mid 20 something wants to hang out with a tweener? Apparently she did, because I'm still flying down there to hang.  We have always had this amazing connection that I know will last forever. And to imagine she wanted to be an only child. HA.

First trip to AZ in 1994. Bought myself those moon shoes. Still own them.
Not sure where my pants are. I must've hopped right out of em.

On my way back home.....with my shoes for the moon.
Lets not talk about my haircut. Thanks
Robyn, Darcie, me and Katie in AZ for my sis's 40th.

Betsey is my 2nd oldest sister, 9 years older than me. She was more the crawl into her bed and snuggle/talk about deep stuff kind of sister.  When I was born my two sisters made a deal about my gender, and if I was a girl I would share a room with Betsey when I was old enough.  Lucky her!  She moved to college when I was 9 and wrote me letters constantly.  I still have all those letters (from both sisters). She made me feel so important in her life and also invited me up to hang with her by myself.  We have identical hands and feet, and if I didn't drink beer, I would be the exact same size as her.
Probably my favorite pic of us
Youme eyes

Bets (Zoey in her belly), Mom and me at the cabin

King and Queen McDorkus

Back to the weekend: They both have kids now, and so their attention is spread thinner, but they still had time to sit on the beach and talk.  Robyn's boy Phoenix has a brand new iPad which he's navigating like a pro already.  We took pictures all weekend with that thing using the different distortions.  My abs still hurt from laughing so hard.  Just hearing him laugh (to the point of giving himself hiccups) and watching Robyn be a (amazing) mom to him is priceless.  Betsey has 3 kids and they are all so much fun. Thankfully they now live 2 hours away so they can know their Auntie Blake and Uncle Rodney much better.

Sisters plus Mom and Phoenix during the triathalon

Hangin on the cabin porch swing a few years ago

2009ish? Christmas picture. Great posture people!

Cabin fun with fireworks!!! Zach's eyes cross when they pyro comes out.

Zach is my older brother. 5 years older. We were buddies, mostly just around each other. If my parents or siblings were around, we were constantly bickering.  And although sometimes he wouldn't acknowledge my existence around his friends, I knew how much he loved hanging out with me.  Saturday mornings were spent watching TV in forts that he made, eating breakfast that he made.  If you've ever been embarrassed by my potty humor, just blame Zach.  We've been through so many crazy times together, including being stranded for 8 hours in the snowy mountains wondering when we'd be rescued.  I can't tell you everything we've gone through together ;) but I can tell you he's looked out for me as any best brother would.  He's the Harry to my Lloyd, the Ren to my Stimpy.

"Hey. Lets do that 1/2 eye open look everyone loves"
Inappropriate? Maybe.

"I'm scared Becka"

I treasure the rare moments we're all together because R lives in Arizona, B in Spokane, Z in Vegas, and me in LCV.  It doesn't happen but maybe once a year and I want nothing more than time to stand still.
Moment to be treasured. Clothes not to be treasured.

Siblings and brother in law at my Jr.Miss
(they all flew in an surprised me!)

Going through all these non digital pics took me back to all the crazy times we've had together so far in our lives. Thanks for being such supportive, loving, fun siblings. And thanks to my parents for having us!!!!

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