Thursday, August 9, 2012

That looks JUST like......

So here are the pics I was talking about in this post.

I hadn't walked into the cabin 5 minutes and my sister snatched away her son's iPad (which he was in a serious Avengers game) to take my picture.  After that, we laughed until Phoenix had the hiccups, and then laughed some more.  Then I went pee, (i made it to the toilet, thankfully) and then we laughed some more.

They say we look alike. I s'pose its in the eyes.

She's always been so photogenic.

Robyn and Phoenix.

When I FINALLY got the iPad to myself, I thought I'd self portrait a few. I know I said I don't normally take self pics, at least not post the ones I take, buuuuut, I'm gonna go with my instincts on this one. Saddle up partner!

My chin, acting the part of a dimpled butt.

Hey you over there.
Wanna see how many of your
fingers fit on my forehead?

Fire Marshall Bill

Dad, you realize the camera does the silly faces for you, right?

Everytime we brought these out to show someone new, everyone's reaction was the same......."Hey! That looks just like_____" 


  1. These are FABulous! What app did you use?

    1. Not sure! I believe it was just on the iPad, but I may be wrong. It was super fun, and I didn't even post all of the pics (we took A LOT)