Monday, September 17, 2012

Seahawk Knuckles!!!

As many of you already know, we are Seahawk fans.  It started a few years ago (for me) when we went to a Seattle Seahawks pre-season game.  It was against the Oakland Raiders and it was the end of August.  The weather was perfect, the beer was flowin and we were with our great friend Leigh.  I was really feelin the Seahawk Spirit and wanted to share it with EVERYONE,  so I was going around giving complete strangers "Seahawk Knuckles".  If I came across a rowdy Raiders fan, I would feel them out and either say Seahawks or Raiders Knuckles (I didn't want to get shot in downtown Seattle in front of my husband) because I wanted everyone to feel my same excitement for the game.  We won, so the knuckles continued long after the game was over.  And the "knuckles" stuck.  Now a couple years later we've stepped up our loyalty and own actual Seahawks gear.  Well, that and the crocheted bracelets I made. 


Two years ago I wanted to buy a custom women's fit (key words) jersey that has the #12 on front/back and the word KNUCKLES on the back. But they were like 80 bucks.  I wasn't that hardcore of a fan yet, so I decided it could wait another year.  Then last year, same dilemma.  Just wasn't sure if it was worth it.  Then this year rolled around and I advised hottie hubs that for my 30th bday I wanted the custom jersey.  (He went sky diving on his 30th, so I thought the price of the jersey was of no concern)

THE jersey I want. Minus the 18 and Rice.

New Nike jerseys. Gross!

Only problem was, the NFL changed jerseys.  The now have Nike instead of Reebok, and simply put, they're just not as cool.  1. They look like soccer jerseys.  2. The numbers are too cartoon like. 3. They say Seahawks in tiny print on the shoulder, and 4. Where's the Seahawk logo? 

HH (hottie hubs) said he was going to order me the Nike one that was now $150, but wanted to check with me first before doing so because of the drastic changes.

So what's a cheap fan to do??? Thats right, visit a website from China that offers exactly what I want.  A women's fit custom Knuckles 12 jersey.  It was $80 and the Reebok version.  Perfect right?

When it arrived, we had to go to the post office to pick it up since the package wouldn't fit in my mailbox and it was an international package.  Coincidentally the day was June 6th, HH's bday.  (our birthdays are a week apart)  When I opened the package, I noticed right away it wasn't women's fit.  Thats ok, maybe they swapped it with a size small in the men's jersey to appease me.  Nope.  It was size 48 MENS. 

In their defense, it did have #12 on it, and it did say KNUCKLES on the back.  So they were 2/3s correct in the order.  We held it up and it actually looked too big even for the hubs.  But it wasn't.  It fit him just right.  How awesome for him, right?  I mean it was his birthday.  But he already owns a Seahawks jersey!  And this was supposed to be MY birthday present! 

Yesterday was the Seahawks vs Cowboys game in Seattle and the 12th man was ever present.  We kicked the Cowboy's assless chaps right off em. Hottie Hubs wore his custom jersey and his crocheted bracelet, and I wore my longsleeve Seahawks shirt with my new Seahawk earrings I recieved for my bday from the Hottie. (He also bought me Seahawk socks, that I renamed Sawks and a Seahawk beach towel....cuuuute!!!)

So, should I spend the $150 and get what I want?  I'm still trying to find a website (not from China) that has leftover Reebok women's fit jersey's that can be customized.  IT HAS TO SAY KNUCKLES WITH THE #12.

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