Monday, June 11, 2012

County Folk

I couldn't WAIT to get home to sew. 

I'd been impersonating a big city girl since Wednesday night with my hottie hubby and I was done.  Put a PeeWee Herman size fork in me. 

1. Seattle weather and my hair have never and will never get along.  It didn't help that I had to leave all my product at home since we were flying.  I'm just to the point where I can pull it back though, thankfully.
2. Money must grow on ferns there.  I'm just not used to having to pay to park miles away from my destination.
3. My personal space bubble is about 20 feet in circumference. Too many people tryin to do the same thing at the same time.  Too many cars, wierdos, garbage, smells all sharing the same exact space for my liking.

Ok. I'm done bitchin, here's my stitchin.

Its a bib with a tie that flaps up so you can wipe the kid's face!

I went to Jo-Anns on Sunday with coupons in tow and wierd, everything was "on sale" so I had to actually find something that wasn't on sale to buy.  I did need a bobbin case, so THERE Jo-ANN.

I also made the placemats and napkins that the bib is sitting on, and they're double sided, black on the other side.  The napkins and the bib are also double sided.  The other side of the bib is green.  As it turns out, this will not actually fit a baby.  So, if anyone's doll spits up, I've got just the thing for you.

Here are some pics from out trip.  We made it to a Mariners game, a no hitter actually, which made for a short (and kinda sorta boring) game.  But its NEVER boring when you're with friends, drinkin and sitting in the Hit it Here cafe!!!! 

Cody Gapp, Nick Wahl, Rodney and I with Dave Niehaus.  He was nice.

Surprised they let us in? 

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