Friday, October 25, 2013

Miller Broyles

You guys know Miller right?  I mean he has his own myspace account.  Oh you don't use myspace anymore?  Oh.  Well, he's a little out of touch I guess.  Either that, or he's too good for facebook and wants to support Justin Timberlake.

Rodney and I hang out with Miller a lot.  My parents go out of town and we are his next favorite place to be.  Awhile back, my parents came to pick him up (thank goodness, because his farts have been absolutely eye wateringly gross) and we were shooting around good Miller memories.

"Remember when Miller jumped through hula hoops?"

"Remember when Miller peed our bed?" 

"Remember when Miller had a myspace account?"

We got a good chuckle out of that one.

So I decided to see if I still remembered his username and password.  I did. It took me a few tries, but I did.  Here are the pictures from his account. Along with the captions he chose :) (now looking back, I admit I was a little cheesy with some of those)

Harley Broyles, my sister

I get a lot of attention, don't worry

Hi everybody!

I'm not lazy, I just don't have much to do.

I love the car, but I wish I could drive it.

I have allergies....and look like a stud

I'm an itch addict, and he's my bitch. 

My family and my sister dog Harley

I have a constant pillow. Aren't my owners nice?

Here's my sis Tipper. She's fun until you get too close

You need somethin?

my lil buddy

This may not look comfy, but trust me IT IS

That's ME!

Here are some more recent pictures of him. He's just reeks with personality. 

He's the reason I'm not afraid of dogs anymore.  He's the reason we have Lola.  He's a big lover and a great friend.  Happy 13th Birthday Miller!  aka Muggers, Miller Man, Mills, Miller Biller, Mills Badills, Smiley Boy

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