Tuesday, May 29, 2012

30 years in the makin

I'm obsessed with all things crafty. I can't help it. Its just me.
So I was talking to my sister Betsey like 5 days ago, and mentioned that I really want a sewing machine. My birthday was 2 days away, and by no means was that a hint. I was thinking it would be something that I saved up for and/or splurged for sometime in the near future.  So, to my complete amazement, she took the "hint" and called my other 2 siblings and they all went in on one for their little!!! 

Isn't she purdy?

I woke up Monday morning (my actually birthday) to a smidge of a hangover, which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I couldn't sleep in, because we had to get down to the docks for a "maiden voyage" of this wood boat my dad's been restoring.  I know, a boat ride while already feeling woozy sounds like a upchuck waiting to happen, but something about it being my birthday and the wind in my face was just what I needed.  We also put the jet skis in the water, so I got to speed around the Snake chasing unsuspecting ducks and seagulls. 

When I got home around 3, my body was telling me to sleep, but my brain was telling me to break out the new machine and start sewing!  I have sewing experience, so I halfway knew what I was doing. I knew you had to load thread onto a bobbin, figure out how to insert the bobbin, and then figure out how to thread the machine.  This was not super hard, considering there was a manual with instructions, but the manual assumed that the reader was an experienced seamstress.  Maybe it took me so long due to the fact that my brain was already tired from the previous day/night's excitement (did I mention my party consisted of a karaoke machine??) 

After I sewed a pretty darn straight line, I raised my hands in the air and shouted, "I'm a genius!"  and my cute hubby smiled and confirmed. Crafters need a good support system :)

Here I am after I successfully sewed 7 triangles together to make a.........yamulke?  Or a barbie parachute? I didn't have anything other than perfectly good clothes to cut and then re-sew, and I had just made a banner for my party out of these triangles, so I practiced with them (not wanting to go to JoAnn's looking like 30 year old birthday death).

Next up? This.

I've recently gotten into blog stalking. And this is from an AWESOME SCARF TUTORIAL 

Looks SUPER easy. Lets hope it lives up to that. I will be posting the results soon.

I will also be posting some of my recent crochet creations, because I'm quite proud of them. Let just say these are not your typical Blake's Beanies. Actually they're not even beanies. Ok, I'll tell you. I made a hamburger with all the fixins, and bacon, eggs and cinammon roll. I've been really inspired lately by an etsy shop that sells patterns of all kinds of different crochet items. I don't use patterns, but I do use others' ideas. I lean towards the craft and away from the creativity.

Here's a pic of my dad's boat. It doesn't have a name yet, however my mom suggested Red Rocket. Something tells me that won't be chosen.

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