Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cah-ray-zee Cro-shay-zee

Does your memory only remember the good things? And forget the bad times/memories? Mine does. I remember my brother and I getting along like peaches and cream growing up. My other siblings and parents will tell you that was not the case.  We were, according to them, constantly bickering and fighting.  But somehow I've managed to forget all those bad times he made me feel like an annoying little sis.  

My brain has also apparently forgotten how insanely busy I was last year at this time.  I mean, I remember crocheting up until December 24th for people's Christmas orders, but I don't remember having to sacrifice so much of my time.  The past two nights, I've woken up in the middle of the night to crochet.  Last night, I woke up at 3am and crocheted until 5am and then went back to bed.  Thank goodness for Roku, because nothing is on bunny ears TV at that hour. *Side note: I may have watched Elf too many times last Christmas season, because this year, I don't really feel the need to watch it 20 times (or even once through) between Thanksgiving and New Years. Sad.

As of today, all my out of town orders are done (except for the etsy order that came in at 6am this morning).  Now, I just have 17 beards to make between now and Friday.  A co-worker ordered 10, and she's going to give one to each family awesome!  The big seller has been the beards, but I've also sold quite a few pairs of fingerless gloves.  One pair, I sent to CT on December 8th using USPS and the buyer emailed me Sunday to let me know she JUST received them, and that the package was ripped open and all that made it was one DIRTY glove. Awesome. (But she did say the one glove looked lovely) Oh, and that she needed another pair by Friday. Have you BEEN to the post office or UPS store this week? I spent my entire hour lunch break there yesterday, and paid double the price of the fingerless gloves to ensure they make it to CT by Friday. 

I told myself this year's goal was to have a cut off date for orders, and to not still be crocheting on December 24th.  I'm guessing I'll make that goal by a whopping 2 days. The main reason I cannot say no? I love the idea of my stuff being given as presents, and being worn around proudly.  That and I'm a yes woman.  

I don't want to complain about getting orders and being busy because I love crocheting, and the money is going into a savings account for a very important reason.  But I've sacrificed a few things that I'm not proud of.  I've been so busy (crocheting before and after work until bedtime) that I haven't had the chance to spend time with friends, and specifically my parents.  They recently let me know how much they've missed me and it broke my heart.  I would do anything to be able to hang out with them. After all, I am their baby.  But I've stretched myself a little thin lately and really needed their reminder to pull me back in.  

I told Hottie Hubs last night that I will be taking a month off of crocheting in January.  But thats like Santa saying he's going to take all of December off.  The cold months in the year are when I get all my orders.  I don't get beard requests in July.  So I probably won't be taking January off, but I'm not going to be crocheting at 3am, this I know for shore.

I will leave this post with our Christmas card.  Since I work at NW Media Productions, I have access to an amazing photographer, Patrick Brown-Hayes and an amazing graphic designer (and one of my bffs) Jenny Purington. Put that together with the cutest most amazing dog in the world, and the outcome is this: 

*Picture was cropped quickly, so its not showing like the real card, but just know Jenny did an amazing and perfect job :)

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