Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013=Year of the Wifey

Do you remember my 2011 resolution?  It was a crazy one. I decided to do or not do a particular thing each month.  For example, January I abstained from alcohol. February - No cable TV, March - No meat. I actually stuck to it each month, which is a first in terms of New Years Resolutions for me.  I really wanted to do it in 2012, but at the same time, I needed a break from the constant focus needed to succeed. I thought about doing a video blog everyday of 2013, but thought about how extremely boring that would be for any viewer.  I also thought about journaling everyday, but then I realized thats kind of what this blog is, and I don't have to stick with the everyday thing.  So, after finally getting a chance to look around my house (instead of looking down at a ball of yarn I'm about to turn into a beard) I have figured out what 2013 has in store for me.

I'm not that into interior decorating.  Obviously for those who have entered the Harrington House.  But that doesn't mean I can't get into it.  Its just that normally my time at home after work is spent on crocheting.  And watching *Catfish the TV show (or insert any show, really).

My biff Jenny is super into interior decorating, as obvious to those who have entered the Purington House. Or those even driving by.  So, when she had a party for her 3 year old a couple weeks ago, Hottie Hubs noticed how awesome her house looked/felt.  And he let it be known to Jenny that I needed help.  Well duh, I already knew this.  Didn't hurt my feelings at all when she told me what he said to her in private, because I know this about myself.  And I'm ready to take this project on.

I think of it like I think of my wardrobe.  Back in the day, I didn't have a "wardrobe".  I had clothes that fit.  And kept me warm.  That was about the extent of my thinking for what clothes meant to me.  Now, I have aquired quite the closet, complete with accessories.  Now it takes me longer to get ready, but I get compliments on how I look, and that makes me feel good!  It took practice and time, but now I like getting dressed for work and choosing the best earrings for the day.

I'm going to take 2013 on as a interior decorating year.  And I will showcase the Befores and Afters in all their glory right here, in my little blognest.

Pretty much every room needs work. When we moved in, we did a little painting, and remodeled the kitchen (which needed it asap), put carpet in the basement and called er a day.  It's kind of embarrasing really, to think that I'm 30 and still haven't put my "womanly touch" (a term I've heard thrown in my house around a few times) on my house.  I love that Pinterest is a thing now, because I've already stolen  many ideas for what I'm going to do! I plan on DIY-ing most of it because, well, I can DIM.

Here's my list:

(in no particular order in which work will be completed)

  • Living room:  I would like to paint the fireplace, make the mantle bigger, change out the carpet, add more pictures
  • Hallway:  Paint and add pictures
  • Bathroom 1: Floors, paint, new sink, possibly new tub, possibly paint tub
  • Bathroom 2: Add pictures as its been remodeled already
  • Master Bedroom: Pictures, new curtains
  • Rodney's Man Room: Curtains
  • Blake's Craft room: Paint, organize, pictures
  • Basement storage room: Paint floor, organize
  • Basement bathroom: add shower, mild remodel
  • Laundry room: Add pictures, shelves possibly, paint floor
  • Outside Backyard: Possibly add deck??? 
Pretty much gonna make this house a home after 8 years. Bout ding dang time Blake.

*Have YOU SEEN this show?!?! Wowie. Its a gem. Just when I was needing something new on my Roku to watch, here came Catfish the TV show. I promise you won't want that hour of your life back. Its that good. 

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