Friday, January 25, 2013

Carafe'tin Time!

I love the term Stitch and Bitch.  To me, it represents girlfriends getting together and crafting. But I would substitue Wine for Bitch in our case.  My girlfriends are pretty drama free.  We don't really have that much to bitch about other than our sore abs/ass/legs/arms at the moment due to Booty Camp.  We all are quite content with our lives, our children, our jobs, our homes, etc.  I'm not trying to paint this "pretty, stable, family picture" as one of my DNA counter parts would say, but its definitely not a "group of girls ranting and talking bad about their men/kids/pets/jobs/lives lets-use-the-stitch-excuse-to-bitch type of party.   The two words rhyme and thats pretty much it.  I'm now gonna call it "Craft and Carafe" because that's more along the lines of what happens.  And right now, the wine is flowin because of our recent trip to Walla Walla. :) 

So tonight is another edition of Stitch and Bitch Craft and Carafe.  We are going to make Valentine crafts, more specifically, yarn wreaths.  I love this idea, mainly because I'm half way there as far as materials needed.  You pick the color, I've got it.  So last night I got a head start and wrapped my foam circle in yarn.  On all the DIY blogs regarding this project I've found don't mention the part where it takes a lot of time and patience to wrap a whole wreath.  I was able to get Hottie Hubs help for a wee bit (emphasis on wee but it was the thought that counted) and then I got into a rhythm.  Tonight I'm going to add a few things to it with my trusty glue gun and felt.  Here's the start to the wreath.

Foam circle and purple yarn.
Flash from camera does not flatter this wreath

This better represents the true color.

Happy Friday! 



These are pictures I took during the crafting party, and have been a little lazy in getting them on here to show you the end results.  M
Almost done wrapping the pink string.  
This took quite some time.

Done. For the night anyway.  
Still need to put some hearts/flowers on it.

Jenny's wreath all wrapped up.

Her amazing felt flowers. 


  1. Fun! I just made a yarn-wrapped heart argyle wreath this week for Valentine's day. Great minds must think alike! ;)

  2. I loved your heart wreath! Great minds do think alike, because mine was argyle too!!! :)