Monday, January 21, 2013

Booty Camp

I can't believe I've agreed to this, but to be quite honest, its the only way I can get back into shape.  I'm going to boot camp. Tomorrow. Morning. Early. Real early. With my two biffs. Thats the other reason I've agreed to go.  Because I can only really truly commit to a workout schedule if I have a friend doing it with me.  Or else the fat chubby version of me sits on my shoulder and tells me to eat another Sour Patch Kid, then another Reese's, then tells me in the morning to stay in my warm bed.  The skinny version of me on my other shoulder tells me to get my arse outta bed because my friends are counting on me.  She also tells me to drink loads of water and eat raw spinach for every meal.

I won't tell you my start weight, or show you before pics, but trust me. My pants are tight. And they're not my skinny jeans either. I'm thisclose to being the perfect candidate for wearing pajama jeans to work.  My tights are too tight. I'm muffin topping practically everything I wear.  People tell me to shut it because I look fine, but trust me, I know how to wear my clothes and how to hide the slight weight gain I've been experiencing since Halloween. And its not pretty. I'm trying to nip it in the butt bud before it gets outta hand and I have to buy new clothes.  I always want to buy new clothes, but not new sizes.  Thats where I draw the line.

So wish me luck. Last time I did this I couldn't sit down gracefully.  I had to just commit and fall to the couch/toilet/chair. I also had to dry my hair by practically setting the hair dryer on the counter because I couldn't lift my arms.  This will be good for me. This will be good for me. This will be good for me.

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