Monday, February 4, 2013

Its Miller Time

Miller Franklin Broyles
Born October 25th, 2000
Loves long walks and eating

Saying this big boy loves eating is an understatement.  He would eat til he couldn't possibly eat anymore.  Then he'd rest for about 5 minutes and then eat more.  He's always hungry, the poor guy.  

Miller is at our house right now for the whole month and he's really a joy to have around.  He smiles all the time, keeps Lola company, and cleans our kitchen floor.  He adds a few minutes to my schedule in the morning because I have to go around and make sure every single door in my house is closed because the boy loves getting into things, like garbage cans.  Bathroom garbage cans. Gross.  

Saturday, Hottie Hubs and I went to dinner for all of 45 minutes.  When we came back, we found a dinner plate on the ground in the kitchen broken and no longer holding the 30 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting I had made the night before.  So he apparently can manage getting his old bones onto the kitchen chair and pull the saran-wrapped plate off the table.  Not sure if Lola helped him, but I'm guessing she just watched it all go down.  I'm not saying she's innocent, because she most likely ate a few cupcakes while Miller was trying to swallow the saran wrap, but she didn't have the toots and the stomach gurgling like Mills did that night.  

I woke up in the middle of the night and took care of the poor boy.  He had to go out twice, both times for a pretty long time and I gave him lots of water and a little more food to kinda help the cake along.  I knew that chocolate was poison for dogs, but I also knew that the boxed cake I made was probably more chocolate flavoring than actual chocolate.  And the frosting was probably more sugar than anything.  

During the Superbowl. He's learned nothing. 

He's fine.  I mean he's still workin it all out, but I'll spare you the details, other than the nickname that came to me in the middle of the night.  

He's now Milly Wonka.  And our backyard is now the Chocolate Factory. 

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