Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This weekend was probably one of my most productive weekends in many many moons.  Hubs was gone so I had plenty of time to catch up on Downton Abbey, but I did none of that.  I decided if I started where I left off, then I'd find myself on the same cushion come Sunday without a shower.

I've been eyeing some cool canvas art that I could totally do myself, so I decided this weekend was the perfect opportunity to bring the craft tornado through.  That way, I would have it all cleaned up by the time HHubs got home on Sunday. After a trip to Walmart and Joanns (which brought me to my new word retail-diculous), I was home and ready to start.  I bought 4 canvases, and used 3 for the first project.  Got the tape out, and went to town.  

Don't judge me by the beer I drink. 
It was in the fridge, it was Friday, and I was thirsty.

I'm satisfied and ready to paint.

I chose gold. No matter what paint I choose 
for the walls, this should look good, right?

Not where its going, but I needed to see what it looked like together.
That wine bottle has a crochet cover I made this weekend too. 
Oh, and I made the heart thing too.

The 4th canvas

Almost done. 

I chose not to use tape on the 4th canvas because after I made a grid, which you can barely see in the picture, I thought I could stay in the lines.  Cutting all that tape and applying it into the chevron design was just too much for me.  It already took me forever to make the grid. This is going to turn into a hanging jewelry hanger.  You'll see. Its going to be sa-weet. 

Friday night, I helped my biff Jenny with a lobster party which caused quite the wine headache the next morning (totally worth it) so Saturday morning I laid in bed for a few hours.  When my stomach was growling and my brain needed caffeine I knew it was time to get up.  I ended up painting most of the day and ended up falling asleep around 8pm totally on accident.  I set my alarm for 10pm because I had a bday party to go to, but slept right through that! So sorry Carly.  I love you. 

Hubs asked me what my 3 canvas work of art was titled, and I hadn't thought of anything yet.  That was until he told me he needed a laser level to hang it.  I said, "thats weird, thats what its name is." 

I also made magnets out of a bunch of awesome, colorful, beer bottle caps.  Too bad I didn't buy strong enough magnets, as they hold nothing but themselves on the fridge. 

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