Thursday, February 7, 2013

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

On my short walk from the car to the office with my doggie yesterday morning,  I noticed a brand new bike laying against a large planter not chained up.  I quickly stored that vision in the back of my brain.  Fast forward to a facebook post that I saw a few hours later detailing the local bike shop that was broken into.  Fast forward to my lunch break where I walked the same route back to my car/office.  Bike still there.  Fast forward again to me walking same route at 5:30 pm.  Bike still there.  The building that it was laying against is now closed and a overhead light is shining directly onto this bike as if God was telling me, "This is a stolen bike.  Bring it back to its owner."  I found the # to the bike shop, called them, and whatdoyaknow, my new cell phone using the local coverage wasn't working.  The store owner could barely hear me, and so I decided since the bike store was literally a block down from my work, and I was driving the big rig that day, I'd load er up, and return it to the bike shop. Only when I got to the bike store they said this was not one of the bikes that was stolen.  

Awesome.  So I just stole the bike.  In my mind, I was being recorded on a "Bait Bike" reality show and now was about to have to explain myself with, "I was just moving it to a safer area" or "I was taking it to the police station, I swear!"   But since I'm not a thief, don't need a bike, and not on meth, I returned it to the place I found it, and thankfully no camera crew was hiding in the bushes.  

This morning? Bike was still there. So I decided to take a picture, and of course I had to have Lola in it because I'm that Mom. 

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