Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I went on Facebook last night to post about finding my first grey hair on my head. Not cool right?  I knew I was going to find the bad side of growing my natural hair color out.  Except that the grey hair suddenly became very trivial.

Before I just posted away, a post by a longtime friend caught me totally off guard.  A childhood friend passed away and not many details are known.  All I know is that the funeral is Friday and the HH and I are going. 

As far back as my memory goes, I remember her.  We went to the same small Lutheran church.  We were in the same Sunday school class.  When we both were old enough to start piano lessons, we took them from my godmother, Sue Dole.  Sue always made piano lessons fun by having get togethers with her students.  We played spoons a lot. :)  We supported each other at every recital, every performance at the nursing homes.  

In high school I wouldn't say we were best friends, but we were both in band, and every one knows that in Clarkston, thats an awesome group to be a part of.  

I know she is in Heaven now.  Resting for eternity, maybe even playing piano for Jesus. 

You are loved and missed Megan. 

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