Thursday, September 5, 2013

My baby

While plans for a human baby are still being worked out, I've had some moments with my furry baby that make me feel like a mom already.

For example, last night's thunder and lightning scared poor lil Lola Rae. So she did what any other child would do.  She came over to my side of the bed, nudged me awake and let me know she wanted on Mom and Dad's bed.  Before I could finish asking her if thats what she wanted, she jumped right up and snuggled me the rest of the night.

Its honestly times like those that makes me ok with my parental situation.  I know I'm gonna be a mom to a human someday.   I know that with all my heart.  But obviously its not happening right this second, week, or month. So instead of dwelling on that fact and spending all my time figuring out how we're going to make this all work, I'm gonna hang out with a 3 yr old that loves loves loves her mama.  She would sit in my lap, hang on my hip, and snuggle all day if she could.  I just have to look at her and she wags her tail.  When I scream or get hurt, she's right there trying to figure out how to comfort me.  

Its been documented (I say documented, because I'm still a skeptic) that when people have human babies, their furry babies take a backseat.  So for now, I'm going to let Lola sit in the front seat and be my co-pilot and mug on her day, because I can't imagine loving someone even more than I do my Lola Rae.   She really is the best. 

happy girl

*have you seen these glasses?  They were in my possession for all of 24 hours.

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