Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ombre hair with a side of greasy bangs

Ya know the moment where you see just how grown out your roots are, and immediately call your hairdresser, only to find out she can't drop the scissors she's holding and color your hair right then and there? 

That happened to me, oh, about 6 months ago.  And ya know what I did?  I didn't even call my hairdresser. Nope.  I just let it grow out.  Yep.  I just 

For the first time since I was probably 15, I went to my natural color of "dirty blonde" aka light brown aka not really that blonde.  What I didn't expect was the feeling of utter freedom I had.  I wasn't going to let society's negative thoughts and dirty connotations ruin my self esteem.  I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.  

Why is that?  I'd been brainwashed to think that I HAD to keep bleaching/coloring/weaving/foiling my hair to stay beautiful.  Just because my hair falls into a strange color palate between blonde and brown does not mean its not pretty, right?   

I recently talked to a friend that chopped her hair off, pixie style.  It looks super cute!  And if ya'll remember I did that too, about 2.5 yrs ago.  Its another form of hair freedom.  At some point, you just stop caring what others are going to think or say to you.  Cutting all your hair off is both figuratively and literally weight off your shoulders.  I felt that then, and I'm feeling it now.  

I'm O.K. with having light brown hair!  I'm no longer hiding the fact that I'm not a true blonde.  I'm no longer conforming to the blondes have more fun mentality.  

That was until I found a white hair on the top of my head.  Now, I would never have found this before, due to the constant bleaching of my roots.  The contrast between the light brown and the white hair was glaringly obvious to me in the mirror.  And my dear hottie hubs was trying to convince me it was the lighting. How sweet. Then he was trying to convince me it was just a blonde hair.  A really really really blonde hair.  Thanks sweets, but I plucked it out, and now its gone.

Now, I'm supposedly sporting the "ombre" look.  I like that we've given a nice name to the growing out stage.  It sounds really sophisticated and with purpose. I like having the slight remains of my blonde days hanging out by my chin.  It takes me back to the good ol days, when I was having so much more fun than I am now.  But one of these days it too will be gone, and I will join the ranks of the brunettes, if they'll have me.  They might not.  Then I'll try and convince the blondes that I'm really still a part of their team, just on the dirty team.  The one that doesn't wash their uniform because its bad luck, or more likely because they're too lazy.  The team that saves their $90 they would have spent on their roots, and goes and buys a keg for after the game. 

Yeah, I like the dirty blonde team.  They're fun. Can I be the captain?  

And now for a quick reminder of my hair from the last few years. 

Short and Blonde

Longer, blonde, with the other "blondes" in my life

You can barely see my blonde bun on the top of my head. 
(pssst. we all have pretty much the same color hair)

This is what it looks like most of time. 
Greasy and pulled back.

That is until I cut it off! 

I may have chosen a filter that makes it look blonder. 
And thats not my real facial hair. FYI

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